Cytometer iCal

Protocol Files

      Cytometry setup and Troubleshooting (two files: 1Nov12 InfluxHowto 15Oct12 Influx Trouble)
      Sample collection of seawater (raw; concentrated; preserved; unpreserved; for molecular biology) (14 Mar13 FACS protocol)
      Rudimentary seawater sample analysis (14 Mar13 FACS protocol– need to add pictures)
      Bacterial and eukaryote cell counts (Cell Counts on the Influx Cytometer)
      Special precautions for the preparation of the flow cytometer and cell sorter for sorting for cell culture and sorting for downstream molecular biology protocols (14 Mar13 FACS protocol)
      Sorting options and software instructions for multiple sorting parameters (20Mar13_Sorting_preparation)
      Whole Cell Molecular Biology Assay Protocols (Pending- Partial in 14Mar13 FACS protocol)

Cytometer Use and Scheduling Policy

Individuals are required to complete a short yet comprehensive training session that will ensure that the user is able to start up and shut down the instrument and make basic troubleshooting adjustments. A summary of the startup and shut down procedures are listed here.

Users may sign up to use the instrument via the an iCal with the following considerations:

  1. Scheduling priority is given to researchers whose work is directly related to achieving the outcomes described on the MEGAMER policy page.
  2. Priority on the cytometer is given to visiting scientist (nonUCSC researchers) on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of a typical work week. UCSC researchers are given priority on Monday, Tuesday and on any date not in conflict with a visiting scientist. Weekends maybe scheduled on a first come first serve basis.
  3. Visiting scientist may sign up for time on the cytometer only after their use of the MEGAMER facility has been approved.
  4. Priority for UCSC researchers is given to Ocean Sciences and Institute of Marine Sciences faculty.

-Those users with greater priority (see above) are asked to reserve time on the cytometer no more than three months prior to their arrival and at least one-week in advance of use.

-Remaining available time slots must be scheduled by noon on the day before planned use. Otherwise, the instrument is available on a first come, first serve basis.

-Exceptions are always possible but must be cleared by the lab manager.

Password: cytometer