BD Influx

Four-Laser Flow Cytometer and high speed, bench-top cell sorter with three laser excitation paths, two scatter detectors and eight fluorescence detectors. Note that only three lasers are accessible at once. The 355nm and 457nm lasers are not available together. The current configuration was constructed in 2005 and modified in 2009.

  • Air-cooled Solid State “Sapphire” (Coherent), 200mW, 488nm laser, with 572/27, 531/40, 692/20 and 610/20 PMTs
  • Air-cooled Solid State “Radius” (Coherent), 25mW, 635nm laser, with a 647 Longpass and a 700 dichroic diversion to 692/ and 715
  • Air-cooled Solid State Xcyte, 100mW, 355nm laser OR an Air-cooled Blue Diode-Pumped Solid State (Melles Griot), 300mW, 457nm laser covered with a 390 filter and a 610 dichroic division to 692/40 and 460/50 PMTs

Microfluidics Block (MFB) for the Environmental Sample Processor

  • Robotic microfluidic device for optimizing DNA extractions and quantitative PCR assays for deployment on real-time, in situ instrumentation.

Molecular Devices GenePix 4000B

two laser, simultaneous scan microarray scanner with GenePix Pro 6.0 and Acuity 4.0 analysis software.

  • 17mW, 532 nm laser
  • 10mW, 635 nm laser

StepOne Real Time PCR

  • 48 well unit, used both at sea and as a in-lab benchtop unit. Check iCal for availability.
  • Biorad MyCycler: 96-well, gradient thermal cycler.

Agilent 2100 BioAnalyzer

  • with Electrophoresis module
  • Fluid Imagine Technologies Flow Cam:
  • 4 level magnification, scatter and fluorescence trigger

Beckman Coulter Z2 counter

  • Apple Xserve: 12 node, 48 processor, OSX based server equipped with the iNquiry bioinformatics software package developed Bioteam, Inc.
  • Nitrogen, Inquiry login page

Molecular Devices SpectraMax M2e

  • Fluometric and Spectrophotometric plate and cuvette reader
  • Dual momchromators- Absorbance 200 nm to 1000 nm; excitation between 250 nm and 850 nm

Other Open Access Equipment

  • Revco, Ultima II -80 C freezer
  • Biorad DCode Universal Mutation Detection System
  • Savant, model SC 210A modular multicomponent, VLP120 ValuePump driven Speed Vac system with a refrigerated vapor trap and 30 X 1.5 mL tube capacity.
  • Eppendorf, model 5804R benchtop, refrigerated centrifuge with 6 X 50mL, 6 X 15 mL and 30 X 1.5 mL rotor capacity.
  • Eppendorf, model 5410 benchtop micro centrifuge with 24 X 1.5 mL rotor capacity.
  • Olympus, model BH-2 three-color, epifluorescence microscope.
  • BioSpec variable-speed bead beater with an eight-tube capacity.
  • Mettler Toledo, model AG-204 Delta Range scale with a 0.1 mg detection limit.
  • Denver Instruments, model XS-410 scale with 0.10 g detection limit.
  • Owl, model B-1A 16-sample, model B2 40-sample and model D3 100-sample electrophoresis gel rigs.
  • UVP, model HB-500 microprocessor driven, variable speed Minidizer Hybridization Oven.