MicroTOOLs Probes Database

MicroTOOLs probes database contains meta information of genes targeted in the MicroTOOLs microarray and nucleotide sequence of probes for targeted sequences. MicroTOOLs microarray is a high-density oligonucleotide microarray that targets ca. 20000 genes represented by 145 gene categories relevant to microbial metabolism in the open ocean and coastal environments. The design is based on nucleotide sequences obtained from genomic and metagenomic databases and spans three domains of life and viruses. The information on targeted genes will be useful for those who wish to study responses of surface marine microorganisms to environmental changes. The probes will find application in any microarray technology that use long oligonucleotide probes and also in other molecular methods.

This database was a result of a multi-institutional effort. Please visit the website:

ESP qPCR Assay Database

Current status of biogeochemical cycling probe implementation on ESP

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