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MEGAMER Welcomes

Dr Lev Bodrossy from Australia’s CSIRO research organization for a week long visit from April 30, 2013 to May 8, 2013.

New Website

In April 2013, MEGAMER launched a new website. In addition to a new look, there is a new searchable database and downloadable files.
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Apartment Open

The Laureate Court Apartment is re-opened. Visiting scientist are invited to use the MEGAMER facility apartment conveniently located directly across from the mainentrance of the UCSC campus.
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Recent Publications

Goebel, N.L., C.A. Edwards, J.P. Zehr, and M. Follows. Modeled Phytoplankton Productivity and Diversity in the California Current System. Submitted

Fiechter and C. A. Edwards, Diagnostic calculations of phytoplankton chlorophyll-to-carbon ratios using a coupled physical-biological model for the California Current. Submitted

Thompson, A., R.A. Foster,. A Krupke, Carter, B., D. Vaulot, Kuypers M., J. P. Zehr. Novel unicellular cyanobacterium is symbiotic with a single-celled eukaryotic alga. Submitted

Robidart, J., I. N. Ilikchyan, and J. P. Zehr. ‘Omics’-enabled microbial sensors on ocean platforms. Molecular Biological Technologies for Ocean Sensing. Humana Press. In press

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